LiveFlight Connect

LiveFlight Connect lets you control Infinite Flight from a Windows PC or a Mac. It uses the Infinite Flight Connect API, and supports interactions from joysticks and keyboards.

View the Project on GitHub LiveFlightApp/lfc-web


As of 26th February 2020, LiveFlight Connect is no longer officially supported.

The Windows app and the source code is available, however, no official updates are planned, nor will support be provided for any issues.



  1. Go to Settings in Infinite Flight (top left corner), scroll to the bottom and enable Infinite Flight Connect.

  2. Open LiveFlight Connect - if both devices are on the same network and Connect is enabled, it should quickly say “Connected!”.

  3. In Infinite Flight, go to Settings, followed by Controls (fifth tab).

  4. Tap “Use Network Joystick”

    Alternatively, assign each flight control an axis by tapping on the corresponding button under Key/Axis (move the relevant axis to assign it), and assign buttons under the Commands tab (press the relevant button to assign it).


  1. My LiveFlight Connect isn’t picking up my device.

    • Ensure your firewall allows LiveFlight Connect to use private and public connections (on Windows). See: HowToGeek
    • Ensure Infinite Flight Connect is enabled in Infinite Flight Settings.
    • Check your antivirus or network isn’t blocking ports 10111 or 15000.
  2. My joystick isn’t detected.

    The Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X and the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro are the only joysticks that have been tested. Use others at your own risk.

  3. Why was this software deprecated?

    LiveFlight Connect was built in 2015 as a side project to test the new Infinite Flight Connect API. After 4 years of supporting the open-source project with no external contributions, unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to continually update or provide tech support.

  4. Where is the macOS version?

    Due to compatibility issues, I have removed the macOS version from the Mac App Store.